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A Full Service Orthodontic Laboratory

About US

Since 1994

Lab3d.de Orthodontic Laboratory

of which Orthodontist Dr. Boris Uenlue is the consultant, has been established with the aim to manufacture orthodontic apparatus for the standards that will meet the necessities of the orthodontic treatment in European Union and in North America.
Lab3d intends the “Protective and Preventive Orthodontic Treatment” to become widespread.You can discuss your orthodontic cases, put their pictures and make comments by means of forums that you can access from website of Lab3d.de as a member.

Besides the manufacture of the apparatus, a first in Germany, appliances are fully digital and bar-coded with doctor and case code, production date etc. which is related being able to track the patient’s treatment plan.

Lab3d.de has aimed to be one of the leading orthodontic laboratories both in Germany and in the world. since its establishment. Our corporation achieves its objectives as a result of the strict attention paid to the quality of its products. As of 2019, we have a iso13785 certified by TUV Nord.
Latest technology and CE certified raw materials are used in production.

Our laboratory believes that satisfaction of the dentists and clinics will increase our competitive power, and this brings along the prerequisites of corporate working systematically and high quality service.

There is no doubt about that penetration of this understanding will make positive contributions to our corporate sector, dental clinics and to Germany. Our company, making this transformation, will keep up to date by always aiming better quality.

We follow closely both national and international congresses and trade fairs in order to introduce our services to the dental clinics and to keep pace with the innovations in the sector…

You Can Call Us for All Our Orthodontic Services

A Full Service Orthodontic Laboratory


What We Do


Lab3d.de  utilizes the newest, most advanced technology along with the highest quality materials CE available.


CAD/CAM Products

Our laboratory team is experienced, knowledgable, and understands high quality appliance  and Cad/Cam ceramics manufacturing.


Medical Support

We provide technician and orthodontist support during the order and production phase.
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