Work Flow

A Full Service Orthodontic Laboratory

Work Flow

How should the doctors forward us their cases?

• Writing the patient’s name on the back of the models to be sent will help us a lot in terms of job differentiation and follow-up in our laboratory.

• It is necessary to wrap each model solidly and separately with an air pad plastic folio. Wrapped models are placed into a box.

• Attention should be paid that doctor and patient names, detailed description of the work to be done are present in the package prepared. Box is closed after checking these particulars.

• Now, you can hand over your package to the courier company.

Way of transmitting the case to the doctors;

• Planning

• Planning is made after contact with the owners of the models received is realized on the telephone or by e-mail and the pictures and x-rays are supplied.

• Manufacturing

• Models marked with barcodes are manufactured by our experienced orthodontic technicians according to the convenient plan.

• Quality Control

• Quality control of the product is performed by our laboratory manager.

• CE Certificate

• As the last stage, CE certificate is printed.

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A Full Service Orthodontic Laboratory


What We Do

Appliances  utilizes the newest, most advanced technology along with the highest quality materials CE available.


CAD/CAM Products

Our laboratory team is experienced, knowledgable, and understands high quality appliance  and Cad/Cam ceramics manufacturing.


Medical Support

We provide technician and orthodontist support during the order and production phase.
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